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Same Same // Isabel Marant Dicker boots

You can hardly see the difference….  The left one is the original Isabel Marant Dicker boot (sold out everywhere) and the right one is from Bullboxer, yours for euro 79,95.

Je zie het verschil bijna niet… het linker laarsje is de originele Isabel Marant Dicker boot (die echt overal uitverkocht is) en de rechter is van Bullboxer, van jou voor euro 79,95.

xo Nienke

Bullboxer boot at and

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11 thoughts on “Same Same // Isabel Marant Dicker boots

  1. ruhila says:

    oooohhhh!!luv it!

  2. […] a camel basic t-shirt from Zara and my knock off Isabel Marant Dicker boots from Bullboxer (as seen here). To make it a little less basic, I’m wearing my gold chain bracelet with green stone […]

  3. Where can you by these?

  4. Maria says:


    I really want those boots, but I live in Denmark, so where can I get them? Do ship to denmark? :)

    I really hope you can help!

  5. Gina says:

    Hi! I love your blog. And I really want these shoes. Do you think they would ship to America? And do you know what the name of the style is called from Bullboxer?


    • Nienke says:

      Hi Gina,
      Thanks for your comment! Always good to hear that you like our blog. I’ve checked the website and unfortunately they don’t ship to America. There are some more Dutch webshops that sell Bullboxer, but all not to the US :(. You could try and check this Scandinavian webshop, they have similar boots (also in black and animal print). I couldn’t find out if they ship to the US, but maybe you can contact them. This is the link to the booties.
      And otherwise Mango has some ankle boots that have some resemblance with these ones from Bullboxer. But they are not that similar to the Isabel Marant dicker boots.
      Good luck with your search!
      x Nienke

  6. Do you think they would ship to America?

    • Nienke says:

      Hi, thnx for your comment. Unfortunately they don’t ship to the America. I’ve checked some other webshops that sell Bullboxer, but none of then ship to the US. Sorry..!

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