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Wishlist SS2012

I’ve been thinking about my wishlist for SS2012 for quite a while. What would I really like to add to my wardrobe? I can really advice you to make a wishlist per season. It prefends you from shopping without a goal and coming home with things you don’t even want or need (listen to a person that speaks out of experience…). I’ll show you my musthaves for the season.

I would really like a pastel pink jeans. Preferably this one from Current Elliott with leopard print (don’t think my budget will allow it though…).

I’ve just put everything together (and now realize it’s only 8 items, wow I’m doing good) ..

From left to right:

The beautifull black heeled cuffed sandals from Mango  // AG jeans neon yellow skinny // Calvin Klein taupe suede Kenna sandals // White sleeveless blouse from H&M // Minty shirt at Mango // Black Mango jumpsuit // Stella mcCartney cream/salmon blazer // the Current Elliott pastel pink leopard skinny

As I’m not likely to be able to afford a Stella mcCartney blazer (even though it’s ‘on sale’ at The Outnet), I will start my search for an affordable one (probably will end up at Zara or COS :) ). And this goes for some other items on my list as well.

Oh ..  and ofcourse you can always add items to your wishlist during the season. I’m thinking kneelenght pastel skirt right now. But don’t overdo it (also take this advice from someone who knows what she’s talking about..).

So, this is my wishlist, what’s yours?

xo Nienke

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