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Budget Buy // Nailpolish

I love coloured nails. During the colder days i tend to go for black, grey or taupe. And sometimes a shade of red, like burgundy. But as soon as the sun appears i like more brighter colors. At this moment coral & mint green are amongst my favorites. AND neon pink ;)

‘Cos i like to experiment with many colors, i sometimes find it difficult to spend a lot of money on nailpolish. But i found a perfect solution for this: the Essence line which is available at (most) Kruidvat stores. It’s only 1,29 euro and the good news is that it’s pretty good nailpolish as well! They come in handy small bottles (5 ml) with funny names…

…And these are my latest buys: mint green (#53 you belong to me) and yellow (#95 wanna be your sunshine)!

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3 thoughts on “Budget Buy // Nailpolish

  1. Liliane says:

    Die naam voor de gele is inderdaad erg toepasselijk ;)
    Zelf heb ik ook bergen Essence nagellakjes, budget maar toch degelijke kwaliteit :)

  2. Nienke says:

    Mooie foto’s! Word erg vrolijk van die oranje achtige!

  3. […] yellow nailpolish is a perfect copy of the Chanel Mimosa nailpolish, but waaay cheaper (as seen here) And i love the neon yellow detail of the H&M Trend necklace. Perfect yellow details, if you […]

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