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Shop online Uterque

Finally…! We can now order online at one of my favorite shops Uterque. Until now I had to go to Antwerp to get to the nearest Uterque shop, but since last Tuesday they deliver to the Netherlands. Go check out their online shop!

Eindelijk…! We kunnen online shoppen bij Uterque, een van mijn favoriete winkels. Tot voor kort moest ik naar Antwerpen om de dichtsbijzijnde Uterque winkel te plunderen, maar sinds afgelopen dinsdag is Uterque ook online verkrijgbaar in Nederland. Snel naar de webshop!

xo Nienke

Some of my favourites…


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2 thoughts on “Shop online Uterque

  1. Lani Herner BCHHP AADP says:

    Can I order online?. I live in the United states and am looking for these style of clothes

    Please assist, thank you

    • Nienke says:

      Unfortunately Uterque does not ship to the USA.
      The shops are mostly based in Europe and Mexico.

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