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It has been a while since my last Instagram update, so this is what my last weeks looked like.

‘t Is alweer even geleden, mijn laatste Instagram update… Zo zagen mijn afgelopen weken eruit.

What u are looking at / wat zie je:

1.  One of my favorite flowers, the gloriosa

2. Wonderfull afternoon with the family at Scheepvaartmuseum

3 + 4. Succesfull shopping for my girls

5. Visited the second hand book market at the Spui, where, next to the books, I love the trees

6. A moment for me, myself & I

7. Starting to make the house autumn proof

8. Beauty department at H&M, love the colorful and fresh look of the products

9. Original figureheads at Scheepvaartmuseum

10. Enjoying some cheesefondue with my girls


How were you’re last weeks / Hoe zagen jouw afgelopen weken eruit?

xo Nienke



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